Birds Dryer VentGiven their high location above the ground and the protection that they offer from predators and the elements, dryer vents can be an attractive place for birds to build their nests. In saying so, one may ask, “How will I know if I have a bird in my dryer vent?” There are three key factors that one should be looking for in order to answer this question. The first is seeing birds flying to and from the vent. If so, you will soon begin to spot the second sign, which would be droppings or stains on the side of your house near the vent. And lastly, the third sign would be hearing scratching or chirping noises coming from that area. In addition to this, homeowners are likely to hear scratching or moving sounds as the bird is building its’ nest. If younger birds are present, they may chirp in order to get the attention of its’ mother. Ultimately, if you notice any of these signs, you should seek bird removal services in order to prevent any additional or potential issues.

Dryer vents offer an ideal area for nesting. The warmth released from the dryer exhaust assists in incubating a birds’ eggs but overtime the nests will begin to clog these vents and will prevent the dryer from functioning correctly. Most importantly, it is critical to understand the dangers that can arise from this scenario. Nests are constructed from highly flammable materials, such as twigs, leaves, feathers and other debris. In saying so, being in such a heated and enclosed space, the chance of a fire starting is highly likely and your home and family are then put at risk. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 15,000 fires are sparked every year by clogged dryer vents so call Varmint Gone today to ensure that your home is not the source of the next disaster.

In addition to being a fire hazard, birds can oftentimes bring bird lice, also known as bird mites, into your home through the dryer vent. In saying so, these insects will begin to work their way into your dryer. Since they are no longer attached to the bird, they will be in search of a new blood source. If they get onto your clothes, they can then make their way onto your skin and bite, which causes severe irritation. Furthermore, if birds are not removed from the vents in a timely fashion, they can rip the vent ducting, thus requiring the need for difficult repairs which can be quite costly. The national average cost for dryer vent repair is $1,000 and can reach prices of up to $3,500!

Varmint Gone offers professional bird removal services and bird damage repair in North and South Charlotte areas. Varmint Gone has offered their customers safe, fast and reliable bird removal services for homeowners and commercial facilities since 1983. Bird removal service fee is $195 and includes one bird and nest removal, clean up and a bird-proof vent cover. In the event you have more than one occupied vent, any additional removals, clean up and vent covers are $95. Any unoccupied vents should be covered for an additional $45. 80% of customers who opt-out of the additional vent covers, call back within 3-4 weeks with another bird removal issue. In saying so, we highly recommend covering them initially to save you money. At first sign of a bird living or trapped within your dryer vent, be sure to contact Varmint Gone at 888-391-3330 to schedule an appointment for hassle-free and fast bird removal.