Birds in my bathroom ventsOne may ask, “How will I know if I have birds in my bathroom vent?” The first thing that one will begin to notice is the sound of scratching in their vents. Birds have very long claws on their feet, which they use for gripping tree limbs and food. When a bird walks in metal vent pipes, it can also sound like a scratching noise. Birds in bathroom vents are a common issue around the Charlotte area, so as soon as you hear these sounds, do not hesitate to call Varmint Gone to remove birds safely and humanely from your home.

Given their high location above the ground and the protection that they offer from predators and the elements, vents can be an attractive place for birds to build their nests. On the other hand, young birds can also occasionally become trapped in the exhaust pipes and are unable to fly out. On some occasions, adult birds can even have trouble escaping the narrow spaces because their wing movements will become restricted. The problems that can arise as the result of birds living in or being trapped in these openings can range in severity but nonetheless, need to be handled as soon as possible.

When it comes to bathroom vents, birds that congregate around these exhausts can create an extremely dangerous situation because the humidity caused by showers, especially, can incubate the growth of histoplasmosis fungus, which is found in bird droppings. Babies and individuals with weakened immune systems are highly susceptible to getting Histoplasmosis and the symptoms and reactions they have from contracting it can be lead to severe issues like heart problems and Meningitis. In addition to this, various birds also carry both lice and mites. When a bird has access to the vents in your home, the insects then have direct access into your living area. Over time, most customers will complain of bird lice falling down inside the bathroom from the vent areas. If the situation reaches this level of severity, it is only curable by a professional company trained to remove birds and treat these pests so it is best to take care of the problem before it arises.

Varmint Gone offers professional bird removal services and bird damage repair in North and South Charlotte areas. Varmint Gone has offered their customers safe, fast and reliable bird removal services for homeowners and commercial facilities since 1983. The one-time fee of $195, includes one bird and nest removal, clean up, and a vent cover. Any additional removals, clean up and vent covers will be an extra $95. Any unoccupied vents should be covered for an additional $45.  80% of customers who opt-out of the additional vent covers, call back within 3-4 weeks with another bird removal issue. So we highly recommend covering them initially to save you money. At first sign of a bird living or trapped within your bathroom vent, be sure to contact Varmint Gone to ensure a safe, hassle-free and fast bird removal at 888-391-3330, to schedule an inspection.