Tricks To Keep Squirrels Away From Your HomeAs Spring approaches, squirrels will begin to search for new grounds and places to raise their young. In order to ensure that your home and yard are not the new nesting grounds for squirrels families on the block, pay close attention and follow these simple tips and tricks to keep squirrels away or at least keep their presence to an absolute minimum.

First and foremost, removing all incentives is key to keep squirrels away. Bird feeders are one of the TOP incentives for squirrels to come into your yard and around your home. Most bird feeders are easy to access and offer a quick meal for squirrels. In saying so, here are a few precautions you can take.

  1. Place any feeders at least 10 ft.- 15ft. away from your home to cut off ease of access.
  2. Hang feeders from a pole rather than on a fence or hanging from your house. The pole makes it harder for the squirrels to climb and reach the food.
  3. Along with the installment of the pole, for an extra layer of precaution, you can also add Vaseline to the length of the pole. The slick surface makes it even harder for the squirrel to climb up.

Furthermore, it is also imperative that you periodically cut back any branches that may overhang your roof to keep squirrels away. In doing so, it takes away the squirrels ability to easily gain access into your home and also ensures that they are not nesting in branches close to your home or roofline. In addition to this, in order to prevent the squirrels from wanting to come onto your property, nuts and berries that grow from the surrounding foliage and fall into your yard should be raked up so that the squirrels are not lured in by the sight and smell of food. Also, any vegetation or gardens should be planted at least 5 ft. away from your home and should be covered with mesh so the squirrels do not eat or damage your food. Lastly, be sure to tightly seal any trash can lids near your home and place it out by the road so that squirrels and any other pesky critters that it entices, will not be near your house and will be less likely to return.

After all is said and done, if these preventative measures just don’t seem to be doing the trick to keep squirrels away and squirrels have damaged or gained access to your home, be sure to call the specialists at Varmint Gone for squirrel removal services. After the initial inspection, our highly skilled and experienced team will remove all squirrels from your home or business and will seal any holes and vulnerable areas to make an impervious barrier so the squirrels can not reenter. Following this, our technician begins the Interior Restoration process. This is completed by removing all urine and feces, exterminating any fleas, sanitizing and disinfecting attic area, repairing electrical damage, and fluffing insulation to its’ original condition. Lastly, if the squirrels caused any damage to electrical wires, we will repair the damaged wires back to code. Varmint Gone also provides an unprecedented five-year warranty on all repairs and construction exclusion work against squirrels after the project is complete and your home or business is secure from squirrels.