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Deciding which company to trust to resolve wildlife issue can be a difficult decision, but you can trust Varmint Gone to do the job right.
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When you hear scratching or squeaking noises in your home, the steps on what to do can feel overwhelming. It is often hard to know whether or not the company you find is worth your time and money. You may ask yourself, “Who is the right company to resolve my varmint problem.”

You want to make sure the company you hire has the key attributes. First, they must have a seasoned and trustworthy team. They must do quality work from start to finish. And lastly, whose work creates long-term results. Here at Varmint Gone, we cover all of those areas and then some!

Varmint Gone is a local, insured, and veteran owned company. We have been providing fast and reliable wildlife control services since 1983. Checkout Our Reviews Online at Varmint Gone Matthews or Varmint Gone Cornelius

We Employ Only Trustworthy & Well Trained Professionals

Varmint Gone has over 38 years of professional experience in the wildlife removal field. Because of this, we understand the importance of well trained technicians who take pride in their finished work. Moreover, our technicians are background checked for your safety. Many times customers do not realize that the people they are letting into their homes are not the most savory of characters which can lead to potential problems.

Our office staff makes every effort to promptly answer your call and return any missed calls in a timely manner. In addition, we try very hard to find appointment times that work with your busy schedule. Also, we make every effort to communicate with you as to when to expect the technicians to arrive at your home. The office staff strives for 100% customer satisfaction by making sure your issue is resolved in a stress-free manner.

We Use Proven Methods That Work To Solve Your Wildlife Issue

Over the years, Varmint Gone has developed a proven systems that works to solve your wildlife issue, every time. For example, one of the main methods we have found to work is the use of the one-way gate system. This systems safely allow the animal to leave from its current access point but not be able to re-enter your home or business.

One the other hand, trapping wildlife does not solve the root of your problem. In saying so, it greatly differs from the crucial step that our team completes with each and every job. We seal any and all gaps along the roofline to ensure that your animal intruder cannot re-enter. In addition, this also ensures that any animals in your neighborhood can enter your home. Unfortunately, you will never be able to remove the all wildlife in your neighborhood.

Lastly, one of the most important steps that is oftentimes skipped by other wildlife removal companies, is the interior clean-up, decontamination and restoration. We work hard, often on our hands and knees, to return your home to its previous condition. It’s important to note, if you don’t complete these critical steps, your home is still an unsafe condition and your problem is not entirely resolved.

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We Do The Complete Project Right The First Time

Varmint Gone provides more complete services then many other wildlife removal companies because we truly do it all! Once we remove any varmints and seal your home from further invasion, we will clean all nesting material and feces as well as disinfect and deodorize the inhabited areas. Many companies do not bother themselves to do this dirty and less-than glamorous job.

In addition, we will address any damages done to your home such as repair compromised electrical wires and install additional insulation when necessary. Many companies only do the absolute bare-minimum, take your money and hit the road without another word. Our team wants to ensure that you never feel taken advantage of and we understand that you want the most “bang for your buck”. Here at Varmint Gone, no matter how dirty or difficult the job may be, we work hard until the entire job is sealed and you are 100% satisfied with our services.

We Offer A 5-Year Warranty For Your Peace Of Mind

Varmint Gone offers a 5-year warranty to our customers on our squirrel and bat exclusion work to give you a deeper sense of insurance that your project will be done well. We understand that wildlife removal services may be expensive, but in saying so, our warranty should prove just how confident we are that you will be happy with our work. In addition, we want you to get a good night’s sleep without any noises.

We hope that this helps you trust our integrity and that we will not leave you wishing you had went with another company. In the rare case that an animal does make its way back into your home, you can call us worry-free to schedule a time for a technicians to resolve your issue as soon as possible, free of charge.

A Word From Our Founder

At the age of five, my father had me working alongside him at our wildlife preserve in Wisconsin. I decided to expand my practical knowledge by attending the University of Wisconsin. I graduated with a major in Wildlife Biology and Chemistry and a minor in Environmental Law Enforcement. While attending school, I worked summers with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. During this time, I gained experience in all aspects of Federal and State Environmental regulations. As well as Federal Trapping/Tagging procedures.

My professional career started in 1983 with game trapping and nuisance wildlife removal. I began my wildlife removal career at the State level. This included live trapping for nuisance black bears, beavers, muskrats and otters that were devastating fish populations. Soon after, I expanded into residential animal removal and repairs. This ranged from squirrels, bats, raccoons, opossums, skunks, foxes, snakes, and even coyotes. For over thirty-eight years, I have provided an important service to my customers when their homes and families are at risk by nuisance animals.

Keith Lange

Wildlife Biologist | Wildlife Removal Specialist

What Should Your Next Step Be?

With the health and property damage risks associated with wildlife in your home, it is important to look to a professional wildlife removal specialist to eliminate your issue. Varmint Gone offers our customers fast and reliable wildlife removal and damage repair services. We are a local veteran owned business that is licenced and insured. Protect your family and your investment, Call Varmint Gone Now at 888-391-3330 or by schedule an inspection online.