bat removal serviceVarmint Gone offers professional bat removal services and bat decontamination in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas of North Carolina. Varmint Gone has offered our customers safe, fast and reliable bat removal services and bat damage repair for homeowners and commercial facilities since 1983. Learn more about Varmint Gone and what separates us from other wildlife removal companies.

Varmint Gone provides a 5-YEAR WARRANTY on all repairs and construction exclusion work for each specific animal.

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Would you like to know what to expect with professional bat removal service? Are you not sure if you need to removal bats from your attic? Do you know why it is important to get rid of bats? Read below for more information…

What To Expect With Bat Removal Services

Below are the steps and procedures you can expect when receiving bat removal services:

Schedule an inspection of your home or business online or by calling 888-391-3330. By doing so, one of our dedicated Representatives will set up an appointment that best fits your schedule so we can help assess your problem.

A detailed property inspection is performed by a certified Varmint Gone Technician. A written, no-pressure, proposal for resolving your animal issue is provided. Fifty percent deposit is collected by check or credit card. One of our Representatives will schedule your next appointment within 24 hours.

One-way tubes are installed and our Varmint Gone Treatment is applied to begin eviction process. All access points are secured too restrict bats from re-entering your home. Our thorough sealing process takes 2 to 3 days. Allow another 2 to 3 days for the bats to vacate the premises.

Interior decontamination is completed by removing bat urine and guano, exterminating any bat bugs, sanitizing and disinfecting attic and removing contaminated insulation. If necessary, you can choose to have the insulation replaced, for an additional charge.

While the Technician completes interior restoration, they will confirm that your home or business is 100% bat free. One-way tubes are removed and accesses are sealed. Once this is complete, the final payment is collected by check or credit card.

Do You Need Bat Removal Services?

You can determine if you need to get rid of bats in or around your home or business by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Have you been hearing disturbing sounds at night around your home?
  • Have you noticed droppings or stains on the side of your house or business?
  • Do you hear scratching sounds in the attic or within the walls?
  • Do you see bats flying in and out of your home or business around sunset?

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions, you may have a bat problem in your home or business. Schedule an inspection with a specialist at Varmint Gone to help you assess if you need to get rid of bats from your home or business.

Why Is It Important To Get Rid Of Bats?

bat control serviceBats can enter your home or business through gable vents, ridge vents or unscreened fireplaces, depositing bat droppings (guano) and urine in the house. This can result in mold growth, foul odors, sheetrock damage and bat bugs infestation. There are also health risks associated with having bats in your attic. Some bats carry harmful diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis, which may be present in their droppings, especially if the droppings accumulate in moist areas. Histoplasmosis is an airborne infectious disease caused by fungus spores attached to the bat guano and are easily spread through your home or business. These conditions can be even more dangerous for people with weaker immune systems, like the elderly, young children and people with compromised immune systems. Some reported symptoms include fever, chest pains, loss of appetite, dry cough, headaches, shortness of breath, impaired vision, and possibly joint and muscle pains. Some cases, if not treated, can be fatal.

Hiring a professional bat removal specialists is highly recommended to resolve your bat issue. Effectively removing bats from your home and keeping them from coming back can be a tricky process. In addition, a professional should always handle bat decontamination because of the specialized filtration equipment that is used and the necessary precautions that are required to safely remove guano without negative health effects. To protect your family and your investment, schedule an inspection online or by calling Varmint Gone at 888-391-3330.

How Do You Get Rid Of Bats?

It is important to get rid of bat as soon as possible to eliminate the health risks associated with bats, threatening the safety of your family. The first step in resolving your bat problem is to identify and seal all possible entry points, this includes not only the bats current access locations, but also any additional areas they can move too. A common issue in removing bats is that the bats are removed from one area only to relocated to another area. A trained professional in bat removal knows what areas to seal to resolve your issue for good.

The next step is to install one-way bat tubes at each current entry point. Once the bats safely leave your home to feed in the evening, they are unable to re-enter your home. Please note that Varmint Gone does not kill or trap bats, providing a humane solution to your bat problem.

The third step is to clean, disinfect and deodorize the entire contaminated area including killing bat bugs, removing bat guano and eliminating airborne mold spores. In additional, the one-way bat tubes are removed and these areas are sealed. Varmint Gone offers a 5-Year Warranty on our bat removal service.

Yes, we can provide bat removal service for your home or business June through August. However, this is the birthing period for bats, so juvenile bats may be present in you home. In some cases, we may need to wait to install one-way bat tubes until the juvenile bats are old enough to fly. Bats are able to fly at three weeks old and are independent at four weeks old. In the meantime, a Technician can seal the additional areas of your home to prepare for the exclusion process.

Varmint Gone encourages the use of bat boxes as an alternative residence for the bats. Our bat boxes are uniquely designed with two angled slats on the bottom front creating a predator guard from squirrels and raccoons and also keeps birds from building nests in your bat box while not allowing guano to accumulate inside. The outside is stained black for warmth and the inside back wall is covered with a heavy-duty kevlar mesh eliminating the need for chambers in a bat house. This updated design allows bats to utilize the entire inside area of the bat box for easier maneuverability and birthing. Our bat boxes are longer and wider in design, measuring approximately 20″ tall, 12″ wide and 3″ deep. Our bat boxes have an 80% occupancy rate, compared to only 10% with some other designs.

To help ensure that your family and your investment stays safe and secure from bats, schedule an inspection online or by calling Varmint Gone at 888-391-3330.

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