Sheryl M.

I had a fairly large squirrel nest in my attic and a large hole that they were coming in and out of. I’ve had birds in there coming in and out of the same place and the previous person I hired, just put some grate up there to keep the birds out, but the squirrels…
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Deon S.

Ron was extremely professional and timely. His snake inspection was very thorough. He left us with the peace of mind we needed. I would highly recommend their services.

Joseph S.

Chris and his team did an awesome job! We called for squirrels in the attic…The day I called they were out to do a no obligation inspection. After they explained everything we decided to proceed with the work and they started a couple days later. We used a different company prior to Varmint gone and…
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Brandon S.

Five Stars

Cheryl N.

We chose Varmint Gone to get rid of the squirrels in our attic. Chris & his crew worked to cover and seal all entry points. Once the squirrels were out, via a one way door, they came back, sealed that entry & cleaned and disinfected the attic. We couldn’t be happier with the results! The…
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Elisabeth R.

Ron was wonderful and I highly recommend him, the service was prompt, friendly, and professional. He walked me through every step and then went above and beyond what he needed to do. I am 100% satisfied and glad I chose this company!

Beth L.

Five Stars

Behi S.

We heard noises and found out we had had Squirrel issue in our attic. As a result, I called the Varmint Gone Wild Life Control and made appointment for inspection. Mr. Ron came and found two entry points that squirrels were using to get into our attic. He suggested sealing the attic. He always was…
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Ozsha W.

I called several companies that provided bird removal services from my dryer vent and Varmint Gone was the best company that not only had the best rate, but also provided great service. I was looking for a company that would come out immediately and they did just that. They were to come out the next…
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Great job – not only did they close up all of the entry holes and eliminate the pests, but they cleaned up all of the mess that was already left there.

Valerie J.

I had a bird trying to build a nest in my dryer vent. I found Varmint Gone and they came right over and was awesome! They checked my dryer; removed all debris, cleaned, sanitized and secured all vents to make sure this didn’t happen again! For any birds, squirrels or any other wildlife invasion, I…
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Gina D.

I can’t say enough about how helpful and professional Varmint Gone was in helping us with a bird who was building a nest in our dryer event. They helped to educate my husband about the problem and did a wonderful job removing the nest and bird and rectifying the situation. We would absolutely utilize Varmint…
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Tom P.

Varmint gone is fantastic. Eliminated a squirrel problem I had in humane process. Great guys

Tessa R.

I called re birds in a vent. I had an appt the next day. The tech was on time. Very professional and knowledgeable. Personable. Finished work in appropriate amount of time. No complaints

Laura B.

I called Varmint Gone when we discovered birds nesting in our dryer vent. They quickly came out and fixed the problem. They were professional and we were truly impressed with their attention to detail. I cannot say enough good about this company. We will use them again.

Valerie K

We had squirrels in the attic!! I called several pest removal companies. We choose to go with Varmint Gone of Lake Norman because of their many years of experience and they were the only company that would warranty their work. They are a little more expensive but with a 5 year warranty we felt it…
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Thomas F.

Chris our technician from Varmint Gone was very thorough in assessing our squirrel and bat infestation, and implementing the agreed remediation program. No more critters!

John P.

Ron is the man. He really knows not just how to get rid of animals, but make sure they don’t come back. We had raccoons and squirrels and it was pretty messy. Ron sealed everything up and made it look like nothing ever happened.Ron is the man. He really knows not just how to get…
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Paul S.

Got a great quote, five year warranty, Ron was professional and did a great job. I recommended Ron and Varmint Gone to several of my neighbors. Highly recommend Ron and Varmint Gone.

I can’t say enough good things about Varmint Gone. We had a squirrel and bat problem and from start to finish, they were just a fantastic company to work with. Ron was incredible! He was thorough, professional, friendly and did a fantastic job making sure our problem was taken care of long term. Even in…
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Ruth W.

We had active raccoons (with babies) in our attic. Ron also discovered an old big squirrel nest with a couple of long-dead squirrels. He removed all and cleaned up the mess. I was informed every step of the way. It took many visits to take care of the situation and then seal all entry points.…
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Cathy B.

We had Varmint Gone do some work for us for squirrel intrusion in our attic. A week later we had a mouse in our wall (apparently the cold winter made our house very attractive). Keith came out and even though the second problem was unrelated to the first, he took care of it and didn’t…
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Antoinette S.

Ron and Keith were awesome to work with. They both explained in detail what they would do to get rid of flying squirrels we had in our attic, without killing them. The squirrels would go out during day and come in attic at night and made a real huge mess. Varmint Team set trap doors…
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Catherine F.

Ron did an amazing job with a recurrent bat problem we had. We’ve recommended him and Varmint Gone to others. Other companies we tried before we found Varmint Gone were not able to help us with our problem. We’re so thankful for Ron and his work!

Tracy C.

I cannot say enough about the amazing service I received from Ron Q. and Varmint Gone. No one wants to ever be in the position to need services such as this, but trust me when I say that when you have a raccoon in your attic, you don’t want to get the run around from…
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Jeanie C.

We had squirrels in our attic. Varmint Gone had them removed humanely and closed up all entries so that they couldn’t return. A very professional job with no mess. The clean up and disinfecting afterwards was a huge plus. These folks know what they are doing! I highly recommend them.

Debbie G.

Very professional! Ron did an amazing job ridding our attic of momma squirrel, babies, mice and flying squirrels all in a humane way. He was great to work with. Highly recommend

Dr. E.

Ron was very thorough and I appreciated that he walked me through every step of what he was doing. He also did a great job of concealing his work. Having a rodent problem can be stressful. I’m glad that I went with Ron & Varmint Gone.

Gilbert A.

We had problems with squirrels. They can get into your attic through places you would never notice. Varmint Gone (888) 391-3330 squirrel proofed our house and gave a 5 year warranty. They are not cheap, but we tried a cheaper company before and didn’t get good results.

Rhea J.

I had the unfortunate experience of having some squirrels move into my attic and Varmint Gone Lake Norman really put my worries at ease. They were very responsive and were able to come out for an inspection within 24 hours- which was impressive considering it was the week of Thanksgiving. They were extremely polite and…
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Mike S.

This is really rare today. A contractor that actually shows up on time! Ron came when he said he would, every time. He did a very thorough survey that itemized all the various items needed to squirrel proof my house. I had three nests. He then made all the repairs necessary, cleaning up each time.…
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Tracy C.

YES!!! Ron Quesenberry with Varmint Gone is hands down who I will use forever and forever. The company was amazing to work with and Ron was absolutely instrumental in getting me back to sleeping well at night!

Mark M.

Nothing is more devastating than discovering a colony of BATS have moved into your attic. I called Varmint Gone and Lisa promptly scheduled an appointment for me. The technician Ron thoroughly inspected all areas of the attic (quite a feat!). He walked me through every step in the process and was very patient, courteous and…
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GREAT ! We have a one story brick ranch with wood trim. We have had squirrel problems over the years (chewing awning , nesting, chewing wood trim, etc. This year it became crazy ! Gray squirrels ruined our awning chewing through the canvas and trying to make a nest. We tried using wasp spray and…
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Stephen S.

We had 3 raccoons in our attic, Ron came out to do the work of allowing the animals to leave on their own using a one way door, and making sure to cover all possible future entry point with sheet metal so I won’t have the problem again. Lastly they paint the sheet metal to…
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David W.

Hard working, thorough and honest. If you want to be rid of critters for good, these are the guys to call.

Ginny D.

We struggled with them (bats) for several years… The critters can get in a very tiny space, we had ours taking up residence in about a 1/2 inch space in our soffit… We used a couple different services and finally landed on Varmint Gone. They are good and warranty their work.

Great company. Very experienced, professional, and practical. We thought had squirrels coming in at one just spot, but they found several other points of access, and got us all fixed up. Very good at scheduling work around weather, my schedule, etc. Highly recommended!

It went very well. Keith and Ron were very professional and Keith did an excellent job of explaining the situation and the plan for removal. They had great attention to detail and answered all my questions. They were very efficient and thorough. I highly recommend them.

We called Varmint Gone because we had a problem with squirrels and flying squirrels.  While they may not seem like extraordinarily dangerous creatures, squirrels are a particularly destructive nuisance, as they have very strong, sharp teeth that will chew through walls, causing damage and allowing more destructive pests into the home.  The damage they do…
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I called Varmint Gone on a recommendation from a neighbor and wasn’t disappointed. They were quick, courteous, and very professional. They take pride in the work they do and rightfully so, everything looks great!