Varmint Gone offers professional squirrel removal, bat removal, snake removal and bird removal services and damage repair in Anchorage, Alaska; Matthews, North Carolina; Lake Norman, North Carolina and Rock Hill, South Carolina. Below are a few of the comments from our customers:

I recently had pleasure of hiring Keith Lange from Varmint Gone. This is the second time I’ve had problems with squirrels in my attic and I’ve met with several specialists that said they could take care of it. To be honest, none of them come close to Keith. He is very professional, educated (with Wildlife Biologist degree), courteous, and honest. He was straightforward with me, informed me every step of the way, and charged exactly what we talked about. I highly recommend them to everyone. The best, second to none.

Asaad M.
Charlotte, NC
Squirrel Removal Service South Charlotte

Saw evidence of bats so called these guys. Keith came out next day and determined there were definitely some critters hanging out, showed me (and my kids!) the pictures of bats in the eave areas, they were not in the attic yet.  Price was right, he did a fantastic job, always called ahead when coming, explained everything in detail, also made sure other areas were covered, any place where bats might get in – even covered areas that birds might get in (dryer vent, etc.)
5 year warranty – how can you beat that?  Highly recommend!

Nancy A.
Charlotte, NC
Bat Removal Service Charlotte

I have had Squirrels in my attic for some time, My husband tried everything from Chili powder to blasting a radio up there but nothing worked. Received three different quotes and Austin from Varmint Gone was hundreds of dollars less expensive than the others.

Cindy V.
Matthews, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Matthews

My neighbor told us he had seen Bats coming out of our vents last week, we called Varmint Gone after checking Angies List for recommendations. They came right out and sprayed some removal scent near where the Bats were hanging, within minutes they had ALL left, the guys sealed the 2 vents then cleaned all the “nasty stuff” from the wall and insulation. They also super sanitized and attic which smells clean again. Awesome clean up job and very nice guys too.

Beth W.
Mooresville, NC
Bat Removal Service Lake Norman

I kept hearing scratching noises in my sons bathroom vent and after calling Varmint gone, they are gone for good. It only took about an hour for the guys to vacuum out the leaves and branches the birds were making a nest within the vent tube. They also sprayed sanitizer in the vent so the bad smell was gone then covered ALL the vents with a “Bird Cage” cover so this will never happen again. Price was very cheap for what I thought it would be. Very HAPPY with all they did. I will definitely tell the other neighbors who are having the same problem.

Rita E.
Charlotte, NC
Bird Removal Service Charlotte

My wife was extremely concerned after our 4 year old brought a young snake in the house to show me what he found. Thank God he was not bitten! Austin from Varmint Gone was at our home within 20 minutes after I called him and he ended up showing me then removing 11 more snakes from our property. He explained the process to put special graduals under the porch and around the foundation and plant beds to keep any snakes from returning. Thank you for the super service you provided and easing my wife’s fear of snakes.

Mike and Beth G.
Huntersville, NC
Snake Removal Service Charlotte

We bought this house a month ago without knowing that squirrels had been living in the attic for years, the property inspector for the bank never saw all the chewed electrical wires in the attic. Keith had all the electrical repairs done then wrote a letter to the bank on our behalf along with pictures of all the damage. After a month we received an apology from the Bank and a refund for the inspection. Thank you for all your help.

Melissa G.
Eagle River, AK
Squirrel Removal Service Eagle River

Squirrels were still trying to get back in after holes were repaired. They chewed a couple spots in my soffit again. Austin came back out and sprayed some stuff around the area and on the ground. The squirrels have disappeared from the yard. They even repaired the new holes without me asking. Very satisfied.

Betty H.
Fort Mill, SC
Squirrel Removal Service Fort Mill

I heard some strange noises in my attic and thought it may be a wild animal. I talked to Keith at Varmint Gone and explained what I was hearing. He said it was mostly likely some young squirrels and came to my home an hour later to check. By the next day, the squirrels were gone as well as the noises.

Mary S.
Anchorage, AK
Squirrel Removal Service Anchorage

I went into my attic to get some decorations down, there was a strong smell like ammonia and called my husband, that night we found we had bats. Keith Lange came out and gave us a price to remove and get rid of that awful smell. Within a couple of hours he had everything back to new and no more ammonia smell. Keith was also very honest and upfront on what would be done and gave a warranty when all was complete.

Lisa P.
Eagle River, AK
Bat Removal Service Eagle River

Squirrel repairs on damaged wood were excellent and could not tell after everything was primed and repainted. They take pride in their work! Better than any other contractor I have ever use.

Matt B.
Matthews, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Matthews

The Varmint Gone technician who came to remove my Bat problem was very polite and had even vacuumed the floors where some small insulation pieces were on my carpet when he was done. Very happy with everything they did.

David M.
Davidson, NC
Bat Removal Service Davidson

Lisa Rae and her guys were very respectful to all my demands. They even did some small repairs I needed to the roof while they we up there. Thanks.

Florence B.
Cornelius, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Cornelius

Great service and quality work. I appreciated the call when the guys were running late at end of day.

Stanley V.
Lake Wylie, SC
Squirrel Removal Service Lake Wylie

Varmint Gone did as they said they would and I learned a lot about these damn squirrels.

James P.
Wasilla, AK
Squirrel Removal Service Wasilla

I have been recommending Varmint Gone to our neighbors who all have squirrels problems too. Everyone tells me their service was excellent.

Lewis M.
Matthews, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Matthews

Very knowledgeable when it comes to squirrels. I could tell they have done this type of work for a very long time. No worries about letting the guys in my house. Very polite young men.

Betty L.
Davidson, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Davidson

Bats made a real mess in my attic where they crapped all over, we had to have most of our attic insulation removed then replaced with new. The price was fair for all the work they did and did it quickly as I ask for. I see why they use all that safety gear they wear when I had seen how much Bat crap they removed. Highly recommend them to anyone who has a Bat problem and needs the work done right.

Norman T.
Denver, NC
Bat Removal Service Denver

My husband has been trying to get rid of the squirrels in our home for three years. Keith and Alex from Varmint Gone had them removed in a day. It has been two months and so sign of them returning.

Julie M.
Girdwood, AK
Squirrel Removal Service Girdwood

My eight year daughter thought there was a ghost above her room because she kept hearing noises at night. I called Varmint Gone and spoke to Lisa Rae about the issue. Even though it was late, Austin came right over to see what he could do. He took a picture of the little squirrel in our attic and showed it to my daughter. He eased her fears and handled the situation amazingly. Thank you for getting rid of our ghost.

Lisa S.
Clover, SC
Squirrel Removal Service Clover

Austin at Varmint Gone knows his stuff about these squirrels and also how to get rid of them fast. He made me feel much safer from getting attacked by one. All work was done in two days and no more noises in my attic. Thank you very much Austin.

Vanessa R.
Ballantyne, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Ballantyne

We tried to reach two other companies before we call Varmint Gone. Neither company returned our call. Not only were we able to reach them immediately, they were at our house that SAME day!

Timothy and Theresa R.
Mooresville, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Mooresville

My wife was hearing thumping noises in our attic so we called Varmint gone to see what kind of animal was up there. Their technician came out early and found we had squirrels. They set the one way door after fixed all the holes. Squirrels gone since then. Great Service and on time as they promised.

Bob H.
Denver, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Denver

Good job, good price. I recommend calling these guys if you have squirrels or bats.

Phil G.
Indian Land, SC
Squirrel Removal Service Indian Land 

I called Varmint Gone after my neighbor said he seen a Squirrel go in my attic vent. Austin did a full inspection up stairs and found where electrical wires had been chewed on and had scorched the wood black where the wires were touching the wood. I believe without that inspection my house may have burnt to the ground. Thank you for being so concerned and immediately having the wires repaired.

Valerie M.
Rock Hill, SC
Squirrel Removal Service Rock Hill

Trustworthy home repair company! Who knew? Thanks guys for great work.

Jeff B.
Concord, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Concord

Great company to work with. On time for their inspection and showed up every day until job was finished.

Lenard W.
Monroe, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Monroe

I live in Mathews and have tons of squirrels in the backyard. My husband discovered one living in the attic the other day. I called Varmint Gone and talked to Lisa Rae. Austin came out and found three big holes. He gave us a good price, removed the squirrels then sealed the holes. NO MORE SQUIRRELS! Two year warranty. Could not of asked for better service.

Cheryl B.
Matthews, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Matthews

Came home from work to a squirrel in my house, It had chewed a hole through the sheetrock in my sons bedroom and fell through the hole. The guys at Varmint Gone came out to my home immediately and chased the squirrel out the front door. They then found the hole the squirrel chewed to get into the attic, sealed it then repaired the hole in the sheetrock. The sheetrock repair was done perfectly and price was just what I was hoping for. Would recommend them to anyone.

Jeff B.
Charlotte, NC
Squirrel Removal Service Charlotte

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