Squirrels are to blame for about 30,000 house fires each year!

If nuisance animals are not removed, you are putting your family and investment at risk.

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Wildlife Control Services Available

It has been brought to our attention that there are criminals advertising in the Charlotte area that are posing as Wildlife Control companies using the services to gain entrance into your home. If you contact other companies for Wildlife Control Services, please verify they are reputable companies and not one or two-person operations.

Varmint Gone has a strict policy of formal criminal background checks before offering employment. We have found numerous felons trying to gain employment with our company so we know they are out there. Because of this strict policy, we have never had any criminal issues with our customers in our 32 years in wildlife control.

Varmint Gone Matthews offers wildlife control services and wildlife damage repair including bat removal and squirrel removal in Myers Park, South Park, Ballantyne, Piper Glenn, Pineville, Indian Trail and Matthews.

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Wildlife Control Services For South Charlotte

The South Charlotte metropolitan areas is a wonderful place to live, work and play. It is comprised of many different areas, including Myers Park, South Park, Ballantyne, Piper Glenn, Pineville, Indian Trail and Matthews to name just a few, all with there own unique character. One thing that makes Charlotte such a beautiful place to live is the numerous lush green trees. This is not only a draw for us humans, but squirrels and bats as well.

Especially alluring for squirrels are the Hickory and Chestnut trees in the Matthews area… they are a haven for squirrels. Though squirrels can be fun to watch, they can cause a lot of damage to your home or business. Squirrels can chew holes from the outside through eaves, soffits, gutters, trim, construction gaps or other weak area that allows them access into your home or business. Squirrels in attics can cause electrical damage leading to a devastating fire. Squirrel removal in the Matthews area can be tricky. It is best to have a professional asses the damage, remove any squirrels and seal your home from more squirrels entering. Varmint Gone stands behind their work by offering a 5-YEAR WARRANTY on squirrel exclusion work!

There are many health risks involved with having bats in your home. Bat removal in the South Charlotte area can be tricky. With the health risks that are associated with bat removal, it is important that you look to professional bat removal specialists to eliminate your bat problems. Varmint Gone Matthews promises exceptional customer service with reliable, on-time service. All our technicians are background checked to provide a worry free and safe experience. Not to mention that all work is backed by a 5-YEAR WARRANTY on all wildlife exclusion work!

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Asaad M.
Asaad M.Squirrel Removal Service Ballantyne
I recently had pleasure of hiring Keith Lange from Varmint Gone. This is the second time I’ve had problems with squirrels in my attic and I’ve met with several specialists that said they could take care of it. To be honest, none of them come close to Keith. He is very professional, educated (with Wildlife Biologist degree), courteous, and honest. He was straightforward with me, informed me every step of the way, and charged exactly what we talked about. I highly recommend them to everyone. The best, second to none.
Nancy A.
Nancy A.Bat Removal Service Charlotte
Saw evidence of bats so called these guys. Keith came out next day and determined there were definitely some critters hanging out, showed me (and my kids!) the pictures of bats in the eave areas, they were not in the attic yet. Price was right, he did a fantastic job, always called ahead when coming, explained everything in detail, also made sure other areas were covered, any place where bats might get in - even covered areas that birds might get in (dryer vent, etc.). 5 year warranty - how can you beat that? Highly recommend!
Cindy V.
Cindy V.Squirrel Removal Service Matthews
I have had squirrels in my attic for some time, My husband tried everything from chili powder to blasting a radio up there but nothing worked. Received three different quotes and Keith from Varmint Gone was hundreds of dollars less expensive than the others.
Rita E.
Rita E.Bird Removal Service Charlotte
I kept hearing scratching noises in my sons bathroom vent and after calling Varmint gone, they are gone for good. It only took about an hour for the guys to vacuum out the leaves and branches the birds were making a nest within the vent tube. They also sprayed sanitizer in the vent so the bad smell was gone then covered ALL the vents with a “Bird Cage” cover so this will never happen again. Price was very cheap for what I thought it would be. Very HAPPY with all they did. I will definitely tell the other neighbors who ...
Matt B.
Matt B.Squirrel Removal Service Monroe
Squirrel repairs on damaged wood were excellent and could not tell after everything was primed and repainted. They take pride in their work! Better than any other contractor I have ever use.
Julia M.
Julia M.Bat Removal Service Davidson
Shane came out and confirmed that we had bats in our attic. The good news, we caught it early and did not require attic clean up. However, we still had bats. He installed a on-way tube at the entrance point and the bats flew out that night. We noticed in the morning, they were trying to get back in to no avail. About a week later, Shane came back out and removed the one-way and sealed the other possible areas of entry. He knows his stuff! He estimated 15-30 bats and we counted 20 fly out that night. With the ...
Lewis M.
Lewis M.Squirrel Removal Service Matthews
I have been recommending Varmint Gone to our neighbors who all have squirrels problems too. Everyone tells me their service was excellent.
Sandy H.
Sandy H.Bat Removal Service Matthews
I called Varmint Gone, I was happily greeted by the customer service woman. She was very resourceful with the information I needed and she sent two technicians out the very same day. They took care of my bat problem so I could stop hiding in my room.
Vanessa R.
Vanessa R.Squirrel Removal Service Matthews
Keith at Varmint Gone knows his stuff about these squirrels and also how to get rid of them fast. He made me feel much safer from getting attacked by one. All work was done in two days and no more noises in my attic. Thank you very much Keith.
Amanda S.
Amanda S.Bat Removal Service Pineville
I heard something in my attic around 2:30 am, I called Varmint Gone. With in just a couple minutes, I received a call back. They provided quick and inexpensive service. They even came out that night to remove what ended up being a family of little brown bats.
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