We called Varmint Gone because we had a problem with squirrels and flying squirrels.  While they may not seem like extraordinarily dangerous creatures, squirrels are a particularly destructive nuisance, as they have very strong, sharp teeth that will chew through walls, causing damage and allowing more destructive pests into the home.  The damage they do can be very dangerous; they?ve been known to chew through service lines, causing electrical damage, blackouts, and even fires from exposed wires.  They also pose a physical threat, with the possibility of rabies and other diseases. We obviously wanted them gone as quickly as possible before they did any more damage to my property.   Keith came out and did an excellent job taking carly did hee of the flying squirrels, which are a protected species.  Not only did he remove the pests and remove their scent, he also sealed the way they got in, as well as the potential weak spots he found with steel, so they could not chew through it and get back in, and even offered a warranty.   We strongly recommend him to anyone who is having issues with wildlife; he was very professional and really knows what he is doing. We cannot thank Keith enough for his help.