I had a fairly large squirrel nest in my attic and a large hole that they were coming in and out of. I’ve had birds in there coming in and out of the same place and the previous person I hired, just put some grate up there to keep the birds out, but the squirrels gnawed right through that. Ron from Varmint Gone is the best. They do a thorough extraction plus prevention service. The squirrels aren’t getting back into that attic! They put up a barrier on all of the roof line to ensure that I’m not going to have this problem again. Plus, I added in the roof vent blockage to ensure that I don’t get bats either (down the road). I’m big into prevention, so I’m extremely happy with their service. Ask for Ron! He is very thorough and conscientious.
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Sheryl M.Google

Ron was extremely professional and timely. His snake inspection was very thorough. He left us with the peace of mind we needed. I would highly recommend their services.

Deon S.Google

Chris and his team did an awesome job! We called for squirrels in the attic…The day I called they were out to do a no obligation inspection. After they explained everything we decided to proceed with the work and they started a couple days later. We used a different company prior to Varmint gone and they would trap the squirrels, many of which died and sat there for days prior to them picking up. Varmint gone sets up a one way trap so they get out but not back in. Then a 5 year guarantee they won’t get back in. Thanks Chris and team!
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Joseph S.Google

We chose Varmint Gone to get rid of the squirrels in our attic. Chris & his crew worked to cover and seal all entry points. Once the squirrels were out, via a one way door, they came back, sealed that entry & cleaned and disinfected the attic. We couldn’t be happier with the results! The squirrels are not very happy, but we are!
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Cheryl N.Google

Ron was wonderful and I highly recommend him, the service was prompt, friendly, and professional. He walked me through every step and then went above and beyond what he needed to do. I am 100% satisfied and glad I chose this company!

Elisabeth R.Google

We heard noises and found out we had had Squirrel issue in our attic. As a result, I called the Varmint Gone Wild Life Control and made appointment for inspection. Mr. Ron came and found two entry points that squirrels were using to get into our attic. He suggested sealing the attic. He always was on time and followed up with me even on weekends to make sure everything was ok. He is very knowledgeable and thorough on the job and always responds immediately to my text messages. I highly recommend Mr. Ron. Ms. Lisa who made my appointments was also very helpful, kind and polite and answered all my questions and concerns fully.
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Behi S.Google

I called several companies that provided bird removal services from my dryer vent and Varmint Gone was the best company that not only had the best rate, but also provided great service. I was looking for a company that would come out immediately and they did just that. They were to come out the next day and he was great — even came out in slow drizzling rain. I’d highly recommend their services if you’re looking.
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Ozsha W.Facebook

Great job – not only did they close up all of the entry holes and eliminate the pests, but
they cleaned up all of the mess that was already left there.