bird removal servicesVarmint Gone offers professional bird removal services and bird damage repair in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. Varmint Gone has offered our customers safe, fast, and reliable bird removal services and bird damage repair for homeowners and commercial facilities since 1983.

Varmint Gone provides a 30-DAY WARRANTY on materials and labor for bird removal services.

$195 Bird Removal, Clean Up & Vent Protection

* Includes one vent bird nest removal/clean up/vent cover, additional vent bird nest removal/clean up/vent cover $95, additional vent cover installation only $45 (Varmint Gone recommends covering all vent access points into your home.)

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Would you like to know what to expect with professional bird removal service? Are you not sure if you have birds? Would you like to know how to get rid of birds in your home? Read below for more information…

What to Expect with Bird Removal Services

Below are the steps and procedures you can expect when receiving bird removal services:

Schedule an inspection of your home or business online or by calling 888-391-3330. A Varmint Gone Representative can answer any question and arrange your preferred appointment time. A Varmint Gone technician will contact you to confirm a time to perform the inspection.

A certified Varmint Gone technician will remove any birds from your occupied vent, clean and sanitize the vent of nesting material and bird lice, and install a bird-proof vent cover. Pricing is for a standard 4″ dryer vent or a standard 3″ bathroom exhaust vent. The fee for this service is $195.00.

The Varmint Gone technician will inspect the other vents throughout your home, including laundry room vent and bathroom vents. If one of these vents is also occupied, the technician will perform the same service (bird removal, vent cleaning, and vent cover) as the first vent for a reduced price of $95.00 for the additional vent.

If no other vents are occupied, then we highly recommend having the Varmint Gone technician covering your vents with a bird proof vent cover. Unfortunately, the vent covers that come with most homes are NOT bird proof. There is a very high chance that the birds still present in your neighborhood will establish nesting in any unprotected vents. Approximately 80% of our customers who elect to not cover their other vents call us back in a few weeks. Installation of additional vent covers cost $45.00 per vent, which is a lot less than an additional $195.00 service call.

There are occasions when birds will destroy the vent tubing and nest between the floors of your home or manage to nest inside your attic. This situation happen more often in late Spring, so it is important to remove the birds as soon as possible. In these cases, a one-way door is required to remove the birds, as well as an additional appointment. The total cost for bird removal services in these cases will include additional fees to cover the additional service. You will be notified before any service is rendered if you are one of these cases. A proposal outlining the additional cost will be presented to you for your signature to approve the project.

Do You Need Bird Removal Services?

You can determine if you need to get rid of birds in or around your home or business by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do you see birds flying in and out of your  wall vents at your home or business during the day?
  • Have you been hearing “peeps” or “chirps” at night near your bathrooms?
  • Do you hear scratching sounds in the attic,within the walls  or between the floors?
  • Have you noticed droppings or stains on the side of your house or business?

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions, you may have a bird problem in your home or business. Schedule an inspection with a specialist at Varmint Gone to help you assess if you need to get rid of birds from your home or business.

Why is it Important to Get Rid of Birds from my Home or Business?

Bird Control ServiceBirds usually enter your home or business through bathroom and laundry room vents. Occasionally birds do enter through gable vents, ridge vents, or holes in soffits depositing droppings and nesting material. This can result in severe foul odors, sheetrock damage from urine and infestation of bird lice in your home or business interior.

Despite the fact that birds consume unwanted insects around your home or business, there are many health risks involved with having birds in your bath vents, laundry room vents and your attic. Many birds transmit diseases and the feces of birds in known to cause health problems. Some birds carry harmful diseases like Bird Flu or Histoplasmosis that may be present in their droppings, especially if the droppings accumulate in moist areas. Histoplasmosis is an airborne infectious disease caused by fungus spores that grow in the birds droppings and are easily spread through the home or business. Many sufferers complain of flu-like symptoms including fever, chest pains, loss of appetite, dry cough, headaches, shortness of breath, impaired vision, and possibly joint and muscle pains. Some cases if not treated can be fatal.

With the health risks that are associated with birds, it is important that you look to professional bird removal specialists with over 30 years of experience to eliminate your bird problems. Protect your family and your investment by scheduling an inspection with Varmint Gone today!

How Do You Get Rid of Birds?

It is important to get rid of birds as soon as possible to eliminate the health risks associated, threatening the safety of your family. A professional should always handle bird decontamination because of the specialized filtration equipment and necessary precautions required to safely remove urine, feces and bird lice without any negative health effects.

If birds are left to nest in your bathroom or laundry room vents, they can rip the vent ducting. Not only will this situation create a more difficult and time-consuming removal process, but it will require the replacement for the ducting material creating an additional expense. So do not wait to have the birds removed from your home!

Before the decontamination process begins, Varmint Gone will identify all entry points, evict any existing birds, remove nesting material, and seal all holes or vents with specially designed vent covers. We also professionally clean, decontaminate, disinfect, sanitize and deodorize the entire contaminated areas including killing and removing all bird lice.

Schedule an inspection with the specialists at Varmint Gone to help you assess your bird situation.

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