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Can I Remove Bats During Bat Birthing Season?

Although bats can inhabit your home throughout the year, the time frame in which they can be removed is more specific. In regards to removing bats from homes, there are strict guidelines in place before this process can begin due to their particular bat birthing season. So, is there a way to get rid of [...]

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Do Bats Spread Viruses?

Within the United States, alone, there are more than 40 species of bats. Although we know a lot of information about these flying mammals, some may ask, “do bats spread viruses?” In short, yes. Bats have been known to not only carry rabies, but also Ebola, Nipah, Hendra, Marburg and Coronavirus. Bats are truly the [...]

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Will Adding Gutter Guards Keep Squirrels Out of My Home?

Having squirrels invade your home is a stressful situation and the damage they cause can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. There are many misconceptions around squirrel removal methods and preventative measures -  A common one being that gutter guards keep squirrels out of your home. Although gutter guards do have their benefits, unfortunately, [...]

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Link Found That Bats Carry Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus spreads across the United States and neighboring countries, the speculation around its origin is also growing. But as research progresses, some scientists are convinced that bats carry Coronavirus and could be the main culprit for this widespread pandemic. Learn what their research has shown and why people need to be [...]

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Will Trimming My Trees Keep Squirrels Out Of My House?

You may be asking yourself, "Will Trimming My Trees Keep Squirrels Out Of My House?" There are a lot of misconceptions and theories around ways to keep these pesky critters out, but one of the most common is that trimming your tree branches back will prevent squirrels from gaining access into your home. However, this [...]

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What To Look For When Comparing Squirrel Removal Companies

Quality squirrel removal companies can be hard to come by. Squirrel removal is tedious and time-consuming so finding a company who can not only remove the squirrels humanely, but can permanently keep the squirrels out, is of the up-most importance. Each company uses different methods and techniques, so here we discuss the pros and cons [...]

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