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During the year, there is specific wildlife that churches may deal with in the Charlotte area to protect their property. Each season brings new wildlife concerns for churches and their congregation. Here at Varmint Gone, we understand the importance of wildlife control for churches!

Spring Concerns for Wildlife Control For Churches

Spring is the primary breeding season for nuisance wildlife in Charlotte. Their need to find safe nesting locations can make this season very challenging for churches. Squirrels and birds begin their relentless invasion. Squirrels can chew their way into attic space along the roof line to create nests for their young damaging your property. Birds like to construct nest in exhaust vest which can bring bird lice into the building.

Summer Concerns for Wildlife Control For Churches

During Summer, bats in the belfry are a major concern. This may sound like a clique, but every year we receive calls for this issue. Bats love tall and enclosed areas, which they only need a small gap to enter. However, bats pose a substantial health threat to your congregation. Bats are carriers of Rabies, Ebola, and Coronavirus. In addition, bat guano grows mold spores containing Histoplasmosis. Another summer concern are snakes found near playgrounds and common areas of your church.

Fall Concerns for Wildlife Control For Churches

During the Fall, squirrels begin to look for safe areas to raise their second litter of the year. Female squirrels cause the most damage by chewing holes into buildings near the roof.  Areas of attic insulation are compromised from urination and feces from residing squirrels. Squirrels will also chew exposed electrical wires creating a serious fire hazard.

Winter Concerns for Wildlife Control For Churches

During the Winter, raccoons like to look for a warm place to nest for the winter. Your church can especially be at risk if the building is not active throughout the week. Not only can raccoons create large holes in the roofline, but their feces is the size of a small dog’s and they can make quite a mess.

Do You Need Assistance With Your Wildlife Issue?

Is your church located in the Charlotte Metropolitan area of North Carolina? Varmint Gone has provided fast and reliable since 1983. Over the years, we have worked with numerous churches to provide wildlife control for churches. Call us at 888-391-3330 or schedule an inspection online for a specialist at Varmint Gone to help you assess your property damage.

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