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Removing Squirrels from Attic of Mooresville Home

Varmint Gone began this residential squirrel removal job in Mooresville, North Carolina with a complete attic inspection for removing squirrels from attic. One of the most important items we look for is any electrical wire damage that could cause a home fire. When customers request an inspection, our first and foremost consideration is the safety [...]

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Do-it-Yourself Squirrel Removal Part 2 – Best Way to Remove Squirrels

Best Way To Remove Squirrels Permanently The best way to remove squirrels permanently from your attic is to treat the inside of your attic perimeter with Squirrel Gone Squirrel Removal Liquid. Before spraying your attic with Squirrel Gone, you need to seal all entry areas except for the hole you consider the squirrels’ main entrance [...]