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Squirrel Removal Job in Huntersville North Carolina

We began this Huntersville squirrel removal job with a complete attic inspection. Finding any potential electrical wire damage is a very important concern. When customers request an inspection, our first and foremost consideration is the safety of the family. When dealing with squirrel removal there is always the potential of bare electrical wire causing a attic [...]

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Bat Removal Project in Davidson North Carolina

We began this Davidson Bat Removal Job with a complete interior and exterior home inspection for Myotis lucifugus or commonly called the Little Brown Bat. These bats are shown in the picture to the right roosting in a customer’s gable vent. Unfortunately, this particular colony had over forty-five bats and had been living in this [...]

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Step-by-Step Do-it-Yourself Squirrel Removal Guide

Do-it-yourself squirrel removal from your home's attic is possible if you follow the steps below. Squirrels are the cause for over 30,000 house fires each year, so it is important to remove these destructive squirrels from your attic. STEP ONE – Locate How Squirrels Are Entering Your Attic Roof vents, ridge cap vents, gable vents, [...]