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Varmint Gone Wildlife Control Services

Varmint Gone offers wildlife removal and damage repair in Charlotte, North Carolina; Lake Norman, North Carolina; and Anchorage, Alaska.

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Varmint Gone Lake Norman

172 Williamson Rd #5091

MooresvilleNC 28117

Phone: 980-225-5352

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Varmint Gone Matthews

3122 Fincher Farm Rd

MatthewsNC 28105

Phone: 704-612-0120

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Varmint Gone Anchorage

9952 W Demar Ave

WasillaAK 99623

Phone: 907-290-3099

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Dave L.
Dave L.Bat Removal Service Wasilla
They were very prompt to come out and help us rid our home of bats, I didn't know we had bats here. They were courteous, professional, and easy to work with. They even put up a bat house so they'll stay around and keep the mosquitoes in check, without being IN our house.
Mark S.
Mark S.Squirrel Removal Service Eagle River
The squirrels kept tearing up my soffit above my bedroom wall. Every night at 3am the noises and fighting in my attic began and freaked out my dogs. The guys came out, sealed everything up the cleaned all the poop up they left all over in the attic. Thank you again!
Jaime J.
Jaime J.Bat Removal Service Waxhaw
Had issues with bats. Called Varmint Gone and they had someone out inspecting the next day. Screening on the gables look great. Made sure the attic was cleaned up and safe. They did a great job keeping me informed with the process of getting rid of the bats. Feel very comfortable with the warranty they offer.
Trisha M.
Trisha M.Squirrel Removal Service Fort Mill
Varmint Gone is a local company that does a great job on removing squirrels. They even took before and after pictures of the squirrel damages and clean up to show my husband. I was very pleased with the price also.
Michelle C.
Michelle C.Bat Removal Service Lake Wylie
I called two different companies that said they removed bats, I never heard back from either of them. I called Varmint Gone, they answered the phone immediately and answered all my questions. Guys came out that day to secure and install what they called bat one way tubes. Bats are gone and clean up service was extremely professional. I highly recommend this company.
Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.Squirrel Removal Service Matthews
I live in Mathews and have tons of squirrels in the backyard. My husband discovered one living in the attic the other day. I called Varmint Gone and talked to Keith. He came out and found three big holes. He gave us a good price, removed the squirrels then sealed the holes. NO MORE SQUIRRELS! Five year warranty. Could not of asked for better service.
Julia M.
Julia M.Bat Removal Service Davidson
Shane came out and confirmed that we had bats in our attic. The good news, we caught it early and did not require attic clean up. However, we still had bats. He installed a on-way tube at the entrance point and the bats flew out that night. We noticed in the morning, they were trying to get back in to no avail. About a week later, Shane came back out and removed the one-way and sealed the other possible areas of entry. He knows his stuff! He estimated 15-30 bats and we counted 20 fly out that night. With the ...
Timothy and Theresa R.
Timothy and Theresa R.Squirrel Removal Service Mooresville
We tried to reach two other companies before we call Varmint Gone. Neither company returned our call. Not only were we able to reach them immediately, they were at our house that SAME day!
Sharron H.
Sharron H.Bird Removal Service Cornelius
Shane from Varmint Gone, Came to look at my bathroom vents that had a black bird living in it, within an hour everything was clean and looked new again. They even installed a cage over the clean vent so birds can not get back in.
Lisa P.
Lisa P.Bat Removal Service Cornelius
I went into my attic to get some decorations down, there was a strong smell like ammonia and called my husband, that night we found we had bats. Keith Lange came out and gave us a price to remove and get rid of that awful smell. Within a couple of hours he had everything back to new and no more ammonia smell. Keith was also very honest and upfront on what would be done and gave a warranty when all was complete.
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