Will Trimming My Trees Keep Squirrels Out Of My HouseYou may be asking yourself, “Will Trimming My Trees Keep Squirrels Out Of My House?” There are a lot of misconceptions and theories around ways to keep these pesky critters out, but one of the most common is that trimming your tree branches back will prevent squirrels from gaining access into your home. However, this is not the case. Squirrels will jump from tree branches to your roof, but trimming these branches will not keep squirrels out of your home.

Why Trimming Trees Does Not Keep Squirrels Out of Your Home

Trimming trees back to prevent squirrels from gaining access to your home is a common theory but it is not accurate. It is important to understand that the only thing trimming tree branches does is possibly prevent damage to your home from the branches falling on your roof from a storm or large wind gust. It is not a precautionary to keep squirrels out. If you trim the trees back from your home, then the squirrels will just use another way to access your roof area.

The Many Ways Squirrels Can Access Your Home

Squirrels are incredibly witty and creative when it comes to getting into a home.  Squirrels are able to climb up all types of building materials, including almost all types of home siding. Squirrels can climb up downspouts and brick to name a few. Most importantly, gutters create a “highway” for squirrels, which allow them to easily move along the roofline of your home, until they find an access point, such as a weak spot or construction gap. Once they do so, they will then chew a sizable hole so they can enter and make a nest for their young. In saying so, it is important to hire a company, like Varmint Gone, who is thorough and knows how to find these spots so they can all be sealed to keep squirrels out of your home for good.

What To Do About Your Squirrel Problem

After over 20 years of working with all types of squirrels and squirrel damage, Varmint Gone is the premier expert in this field! Our trusted and friendly team of experts want to ensure that we solve the issue permanently so that homeowners can feel safe in their home and know that their family is safe, once again! Learn more about our squirrel removal process and schedule an inspection with the specialists at Varmint Gone to help you assess your squirrel situation and so we can help keep the squirrels out!