Link Found That Bats Carry Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus spreads across the United States and neighboring countries, the speculation around its origin is also growing. But as research progresses, some scientists are convinced that bats carry Coronavirus and could be the main culprit for this widespread pandemic. Learn what their research has shown and why people need to be cautious around bats.

Nearly 2 decades ago, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), broke out in the United States. SARS symptoms were closely related to COVID-19. This article on states, “A large number of SARS-related coronaviruses have been discovered in their natural reservoir host, bats. Previous studies have shown that some bat SARSr-CoVs have the potential to infect humans.” To further demonstrate the connection that bats carry Coronavirus, researchers from China conducted genomic sequencing on five patients at the beginning stages of the outbreak. They quickly discovered that the strains are almost identical to each other and that COVID-19 is 96% identical to a bat Coronavirus. According to, “Bats are unaffected by the pathogens in their bloodstreams but people have no protection to the viruses as they are foreign to human immune systems.” Essentially, these findings are showing that bats are likely a key component in the COVID-19 outbreak.

North Carolina and its residents are being increasingly impacted by this pandemic. As of March 19th, 2020, the cases are beginning to double each day. There are now 19 confirmed cases in Mecklenburg County, alone. With the ever-growing population of bats across North Carolina, it is important to note that as springtime begins, the migration of bats from Mexico will bring even more bats to the state and these bats could potentially be carriers of the Coronavirus. This could mean not only the increase in COVID-19 cases but also the spread of viruses with similar symptoms. Because of this, it is important for North Carolina citizens to not shrug off the possibility that bats carry Coronavirus.

Do not try to catch or touch a bat if you see one in or around your home, protect yourself from the possibility that bats carry Coronavirus. Contact a professional immediately to handle the situation. The professionals at Varmint Gone have years of experience in handling bat removal and decontamination of infectious agents in your home. Be aware that many companies do not offer decontamination along with their bat removal services. Varmint Gone can help to keep you and your family safe. To schedule an inspection, call us at 888-391-3330 or fill out our online form.