What is the price of squirrel removal service? If you are in need of squirrel removal services, you may be wondering what our technicians search for and how they calculate your squirrel removal cost. When it comes to squirrel removal, there are many aspects that homeowners oftentimes do not think about but are important to understand. It is key to note that each home is unique when it comes to its’ size and shape. In saying so, this creates many different variables that can affect the overall price of a project.

How Much Does Squirrel Removal Cost?Sealing Your Homes Exterior From Squirrels

To begin, our technician will determine whether or not your have squirrels in your attic. If so, they will need to seal all current accesses that the squirrels are using, as well as any hole ¼” to ½” in diameter around your roofline. If these entry-points are not sealed, then the squirrels will be only forced out of one location and into another area of the building. Once evicted, the squirrels will look around and try to find any gap to re-enter what they now consider their new home. Searching for these gaps can be quite time consuming and tedious, requiring good attention to detail to be done correctly, as well as a trained eye to know what to look for to resolve the issue for good.

Cleaning Your Attic Interior From Squirrels

Next, our technician will evaluate the amount of mess that the squirrels have made while inhabiting your attic. The longer the squirrels have been inhabiting your attic, the larger the mess they have created in your attic. Interior restoration is completed by removing all urine and feces, exterminating any fleas, sanitizing and disinfecting attic area, repairing electrical damage and fluffing insulation to original condition. Since squirrels chew on electrical wires, this makes them a leading cause for house fires across the United States, each year. In some cases, the squirrels may have either severely contaminated or compacted your current insulation, and you may need to consider adding new blow-in insulation to improve the R factor or your home.

Squirrel Removal Cost

Lastly, the squirrel removal cost is calculated based off of how many linear feet around your homes’ perimeter needs to be sealed combined with the necessary decontamination process needed in order to get your home back into “pre-squirrel” condition. The cost of squirrel removal services can vary greatly based on the size of your home, the complexity of your roofline, and access to your roof with prices starting around  $1500 for very small houses and can even go as high as $5000 for very large homes. Each home is unique and requires a proper inspection to determine the price to resolve your particular issue.

Squirrel Removal Warranty

Squirrels can be very pesky creatures and can be quite persistent on re-entering what they consider as “their home.” So not only is it important to seal every possible entrance, but it is also very important to have a warranty with the company providing the service if the squirrels do manage to get back into your home. You do not want to be a victim to a company that is no longer in business when next season the squirrels have finally figured a way to get back into your attic. You should feel confident that your issue will be address in a timely manner.

Finding a Squirrel Removal Specialist

Are you looking for the squirrel removal cost to remove squirrels from your attic? With the health and property damage risks that are associated with having squirrels within your home, it is important to look to a professional squirrel removal specialist to eliminate your squirrel problems. Varmint Gone has offered our customers fast, safe, and reliable wildlife removal services and damage repair for homeowners and commercial facilities since 1983. Over the years, we have developed unique and permanent techniques to safely eliminate and remove squirrels from homes and businesses. Protect your family and your investment by scheduling an inspection with Varmint Gone today!