Keith Lange - When Nature CallsOn August 21st, Nat Geo Wild premiered their new television series, “When Nature Calls”, featuring Varmint Gone’s Co-Owner, Keith Lange. When wildlife gets a little too close for comfort, people tend to reach for their phones and call for help. This fast-paced new series listens in to these desperate and sometimes unbelievable calls and then takes us along for the ride, embedding with six professional animal wranglers. These wranglers are based across the US and have to deal with a wide variety of problems – everything from rogue moose in Alaska to bats wreaking havoc in a Chicago attic. We are up close and personal with them as they assess the problem, think on their feet, find solutions and do everything they can to ensure there’s a happy ending for both the animals and humans involved. It’s funny, entertaining, memorable – and always wild. Throughout the series, Keith is shown handling animals from bats and geese, to moose and bears. With his extensive background in wildlife management and rehabilitation, he is not only able to continue helping varmints but also the people who have up-close encounters with them.

Keith Lange is a seasoned professional when it comes to handling animals. His extensive background in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation comes from 23 years of managing a wildlife reserve in Merrill, Wisconsin. His father, Ron, was also the local specialist who was called by local game officials and local residents to help hurt and orphaned game animals. This included helping just about every kind of wild animal in Wisconsin over the years. Keith’s professional career began with large and small game trapping and nuisance wildlife removal in 1983. He than decided to expand his education by attending the University of Wisconsin; majoring in Wildlife Biology and minoring in Environmental Law Enforcement. He worked summers with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. During this time, he gained extensive experience in all aspects of Federal and State Environmental regulations, Federal Trapping/Tagging procedures and specialized trapping techniques.

The Varmint Gone team has over 30 years of experience in wildlife control and animal removal. Varmint Gone was built by offering customers safe, fast, reliable and discrete wildlife removal services and wildlife damage repair for homeowners and commercial facilities. Varmint Gone has three locations in Anchorage, Alaska; Matthews, North Carolina; Lake Norman, North Carolina.