Snake RemovalHow To Keep Snakes Away From Your Home

According to, North Carolina is one of the highest ranking states for snake-bite occurrences. Consequently, you may find yourself wondering how to prevent snakes from living around your home. Although it is always best to contact a professional to resolve the problem, you can first try these five tips to help keep snakes away from your home and your family.

Tip 1: Reduce Clutter In Yard To Keep Snakes Away

Snakes like to hide in dark, cool places. This means piles of wood, mulch, leaves and compost piles can all be prime areas for then to live. They enjoy ambushing prey from these areas because they can easily conceal themselves and not be seen. To keep snakes away from your home, try to reduce the amount of piles and clutter around your home.

Tip 2: Get Rid of Food Sources

Snakes, like any other animal, will only stay in places where they have a food source. In saying so, if you use repellents to remove what they eat, then the likelihood of having them diminishes. Depending on the species of snake, large insects such as cockroaches, or small mammals such as mice, could be what you need to remove.

Tip 3: Keep Grass Cut Short

Snakes are much less likely to move through short, cut grass because it increases their exposure to predators. One such predator are birds of prey like hawks. Keeping your grass cut short also makes it easier for your family to spot them before it is too late.

Tip 4: Seal Access Points

Walk around your home and inspect the foundation, screen doors and the garage. If you notice any holes or access points, it is critical to have them sealed up so the snakes can no gain access into your home. Varmint Gone offers a complimentary Foundation Inspection, so our specialized and experienced team can do this tedious task for you and help alleviate your snake problem!

Tip 5: Varmint Gone Barrier Treatment To Keep Snakes Away

Varmint Gone offers an eviction scent, SnakeGone, that not only removes snakes naturally but keeps them from coming back. SnakeGone is derived specifically from essential oils and snakesheds of particular snakes that prey on other snakes. SnakeGone granular treatment is applied to the foundation of your home, the perimeter of your property, and to items within your yard where snakes like to hide such as trees, bushes, playground sets, pools, wood/rock piles and porches.

What Should Your Next Step Be?

If you have a snake problem and you don’t know where to turn, then contact Varmint Gone. A Varmint Gone technician will treat your property with our specially formulated barrier treatment, remove any snakes found during the treatment from your home or business, and provide a complimentary Foundation Inspection to seal off any potential entry points into your home. Call us at 888-391-3330 or schedule online with a specialist at Varmint Gone to resolve your snake situation today!

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