This is really rare today. A contractor that actually shows up on time! Ron came when he said he would, every time. He did a very thorough survey that itemized all the various items needed to squirrel proof my house. I had three nests. He then made all the repairs necessary, cleaning up each time. The repair job looks great and the attic seems to be squirrel proof now. I will be recommending Varmint Gone to all my friends.
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Mike S.Google

YES!!! Ron Quesenberry with Varmint Gone is hands down who I will use forever and forever. The company was amazing to work with and Ron was absolutely instrumental in getting me back to sleeping well at night!

Tracy C.Nextdoor

Nothing is more devastating than discovering a colony of BATS have moved into your attic. I called Varmint Gone and Lisa promptly scheduled an appointment for me. The technician Ron thoroughly inspected all areas of the attic (quite a feat!). He walked me through every step in the process and was very patient, courteous and professional… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Varmint Gone Matthews, you will not be disappointed.
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Mark M.Nextdoor

GREAT ! We have a one story brick ranch with wood trim. We have had squirrel problems over the years (chewing awning , nesting, chewing wood trim, etc. This year it became crazy ! Gray squirrels ruined our awning chewing through the canvas and trying to make a nest. We tried using wasp spray and even Pepper spray but they would still come back. They started to attack the crown molding board of our trim in several places … then overnight they chewed a BASEBALL size hole through it, which led into our attic. The morning we discovered it I did a makeshift repair with wood and a piece of vinyl siding over it and checked the attic… no signs. The next day we came out and found they had chewed on the vinyl repair ! We called Varmint Gone (Matthews) and Lisa was so friendly and calming. She scheduled us an appointment within a day …March 16th. Keith Lange came out and spent about 2 hours explaining our problem (squirrels are territorial ) inspecting our attic for wiring damage, nests, etc. and what they could do. 1- “seal ” all points of possible entry with galvanized steel and steel mesh which included gable vents, gutter and trim gaps, etc. 2-solid thin steel to prevent access under roof edge and where needed (trim board) 3- hardening foam around all ridge vents. Plus Sanitize and deodorize ( with a natural cleaner / repellant ) in attic! Also , A 5 YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL REPAIRS AND CONSTRUCTION EXCLUSION FOR SPECIFIC ANIMAL….We signed the contract ! Ron Quesenberry would do our job. Ron started on the 19th and it took him about 2 1/2 days to complete . Ron was on time , professional, and meticulous ! We have gutters on all four sides of our house and Ron carefully fit the special steel flashing all around ! He cut steel sheets to protect the wood joints, steel mesh to fit our round / triangle gable vents and used special screws (not nails) to hold everything in ! Ron takes great pride in his work and it showed. After all the protective work was done Ron also replaced the crown molding and primed and painted all wood , steel and mesh. Ron is so meticulous you cannot see the repairs and the wood matches the original . Ron is “Squirrel Dundee” (even the same hat I think ) ! He took time to answer all our questions and was very friendly. Ron also showed me what problems to watch for in the attic (not that he expected any ),when he fluffed our insulation and did the sanitizing. HOWEVER … Ron said he has never had to redo a job in 15 years ! Everyone at Varmint Gone was great ! They take pride in their profession and are certified wildlife biologists and removal specialists. We have not had one squirrel on our house since you left ….today is April 6th ! They have given us piece of mind back ! A final point… they try to let the squirrels leave on their own if they are inside through an “exclusion” trap where the exit but can’t get back in.
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We had 3 raccoons in our attic, Ron came out to do the work of allowing the animals to leave on their own using a one way door, and making sure to cover all possible future entry point with sheet metal so I won’t have the problem again. Lastly they paint the sheet metal to match the trim on the house. They provide a 5 year warranty, but with the preventive care, I’m guessing I won’t need it but it does provide peace of mind. Could not of ask for a more professional experience. Ron keeped me informed the entire time, and showed up when he said he would. If you have a animal problem, don’t call anyone else.
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Stephen S.Google

Hard working, thorough and honest. If you want to be rid of critters for good, these are the guys to call.

David W.Google

We struggled with them (bats) for several years… The critters can get in a very tiny space, we had ours taking up residence in about a 1/2 inch space in our soffit… We used a couple different services and finally landed on Varmint Gone. They are good and warranty their work.

Ginny D.Nextdoor

Great company. Very experienced, professional, and practical. We thought had squirrels coming in at one just spot, but they found several other points of access, and got us all fixed up. Very good at scheduling work around weather, my schedule, etc. Highly recommended!

It went very well. Keith and Ron were very professional and Keith did an excellent job of explaining the situation and the plan for removal. They had great attention to detail and answered all my questions. They were very efficient and thorough. I highly recommend them.

We called Varmint Gone because we had a problem with squirrels and flying squirrels.  While they may not seem like extraordinarily dangerous creatures, squirrels are a particularly destructive nuisance, as they have very strong, sharp teeth that will chew through walls, causing damage and allowing more destructive pests into the home.  The damage they do can be very dangerous; they?ve been known to chew through service lines, causing electrical damage, blackouts, and even fires from exposed wires.  They also pose a physical threat, with the possibility of rabies and other diseases. We obviously wanted them gone as quickly as possible before they did any more damage to my property.   Keith came out and did an excellent job taking carly did hee of the flying squirrels, which are a protected species.  Not only did he remove the pests and remove their scent, he also sealed the way they got in, as well as the potential weak spots he found with steel, so they could not chew through it and get back in, and even offered a warranty.   We strongly recommend him to anyone who is having issues with wildlife; he was very professional and really knows what he is doing. We cannot thank Keith enough for his help.
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