Upon detecting a few dozen bats living on the outside of our gable vent screens, we did a search of providers in the area and VarmintGone was always near the top of the list with great reviews. They were extremely responsive and sent Ron out to our house for an inspection in just a couple of days, and he was able to get started on the job within the week. The cost was reasonable considering the scope of the work needed and the amount of time that Ron spent on site. He kept us informed during every step of the process and was happy to share his vast knowledge about these critters with us. He did a very thorough and professional job, his workmanship was very good, and now that the job is done you’d never know he was here as he was very meticulous about cleaning up the job site. The office staff was very accessible when we had questions or needed to reschedule a few of the visits due to other activities. This is a great business staffed with great people. I hope I never need to call them again, but I’ll be sure to do so if another species ever decides it wants to live in my house.