Thank You Very Much for clearing our house of Bats and Flying Squirrels. Everyone at the company is very responsive, customer friendly and professional. We got an immediate call back on our initial inquiry and Keith (the founder) came out the next day, did a thorough inspection, identified the problem and gave us a detailed estimate right away. Lisa and the Team, immediately scheduled us for the work to be done. Ron came out and did a very very thorough job of sealing off all open areas around our roof, keeping one way gates to ensure all the bats and flying squirrels left. After a week, Ron was back and inspected the entire attack to ensure the animals had gone and then finished off the sealing the roof. Ron also did a fantastic job of clearing and cleaning our attic (went over and above and removed all of our stored and now contaminated items from the attic). Both Keith and Ron advised us that we needed a roof replacement, and once we got that done, Ron made a special trip to ensure that the roofers had not disturbed any of the sealings he had done. Throughout the process, Lisa at the front office did a great job on communicating and keep us updated on scheduling. HIGH RECOMMEND VARMINT GONE. And RON – A special Thanks to you. You are a top notch.