Squirrels are to blame for about 30,000 house fires each year!

If nuisance animals are not removed, you are putting your family and investment at risk.

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Wildlife Control Services Available

Varmint Gone Anchorage offers wildlife control services and wildlife damage repair including bat removal, squirrel removal, rodent removal, and moose removal in Anchorage and Mat-Su Valley, as well as the Kenai Peninsula and remote areas of Alaska (an additional travel fee may apply).

Wildlife Control Services For Alaska

Alaska is a wonderful place to live, work and play. Unfortunately, it is also home to a lot of wildlife that can damage your home or business and threaten the safety of your family. Getting rid of wildlife can be tricky and dangerous. It is important that you look to a professionally trained expert with extensive experience to effectively resolve wildlife pest control problems, professionally repair damage, and safely perform decontamination services to your home or business.

Varmint Gone Anchorage services the Anchorage and Mat-Su Boroughs, as well as the Kenai Peninsula and remote areas of Alaska  (an additional travel fee may apply). We are Alaska’s premier bat removal specialists with 34 years of experience in bat removal from commercial and residential properties. Varmint Gone Anchorage is the only company in Anchorage offering permanent mice removal service for commercial and residential properties. We also specialize in permanent squirrel removal from your home or business. Fly-in service is also available for communities only accessible by air throughout Alaska for wildlife pest control and damage repair in commercial and community buildings.

As a community service; Keith Lange, founder and wildlife biologist, provides wildlife rescue and transport services to rehab facilities throughout Alaska. If you are aware of an injured  animal in need of assistance, please call us at 907-290-3099.

Varmint Gone Anchorage promises exceptional customer service with reliable, on-time service. All our technicians are background checked to provide a worry free and safe experience. Not to mention that all work is backed by a 1-YEAR WARRANTY on all wildlife exclusion work!

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Betty A.
Betty A.Squirrel Removal Service Anchorage
The owner of Varmint Gone is a Wildlife Biologist and trapper born in Wisconsin. He understands what customer service and honesty is. Few companies around here understand that concept and take 5 tries to fix one thing. I truly recommend this company whenever someone tells me about their animal problems.
Bob R.
Bob R.Bat Removal Service Soldotna
Three years ago we replaced the entire roof of our lodge because of bat damage and droppings that smelled terrible. The very next year the bats were back up there after we tried everything to keep them out. Keith from Varmint Gone understood our situation very well and within a week all the bats had left then were completely sealed out. This is why you hire a professional!!! Six years of grief and he had them out in a week. Great job guys and special thanks for the time restraint we set.
Mark S.
Mark S.Squirrel Removal Service Eagle River
The squirrels kept tearing up my soffit above my bedroom wall. Every night at 3am the noises and fighting in my attic began and freaked out my dogs. The guys came out, sealed everything up the cleaned all the poop up they left all over in the attic. Thank you again!
Joe D.
Joe D.Bat Removal Service Girdwood
We have a cabin near Girdwood and have had bats for years return each Spring to make my life hell. Varmint Gone sealed up the holes after the bats were removed from cabin and into the bat boxes they set up near the lake. Keith did a great job. Peace of mind now without the terrible smell in the attic.
Kat and Wes H.
Kat and Wes H.Bat Removal Service Palmer
We were at our wits end when we contacted Varmint Gone. We had estimates from 2 other contractors who were eager to give estimates but never ready to get started. The bat smell was bothersome. Keith came over and did a walk through and sent an estimate. My husband was out of town and called him directly with some additional concerns. Keith did a close inspection of those areas and updated the proposal. They started right away with sealing the house and installing bat tubes for them to escape. Half of our lower roof was removed and whole underside of ...
Dave L.
Dave L.Bat Removal Service Wasilla
They were very prompt to come out and help us rid our home of bats, I didn't know we had bats here. They were courteous, professional, and easy to work with. They even put up a bat house so they'll stay around and keep the mosquitoes in check, without being IN our house.
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