Southern Flying SquirrelHave you seen more squirrels than usual around your home? Do you hear squeaking, rustling or scuffling, primarily during the night? Have you noticed holes or gnaw marks around the exterior of your home? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have a Flying Squirrel infestation on your hands and Varmint Gone should be contacted, immediately, to complete a thorough inspection your home.

Flying squirrels, unlike grey or red squirrels, are nocturnal. This means that they are mostly active during the night. In addition to this, these small mammals give birth to between two and seven babies each breeding season, meaning that one will oftentimes hear the babies calling for their mother, along with scurrying and squeaking sounds, throughout the night. Hearing these noises can be rather bothersome when one of trying to sleep. Along with the noises, you may also notice a strong odor throughout your home, due to the large quantities of urine and fecal matter produced by the colony of Flying Squirrels. These colonies can reach sizes of up to 200 squirrels, meaning that they can cause an immense amount of damage to insulation, sheetrock and electrical wiring, rather quickly.

It is important to understand the critical issues that Flying Squirrels can cause within your home and to your family. First and foremost, the damage these small mammals can cause to insulation will increase heating and cooling costs, drastically. Additionally, their persistent gnawing on the exterior of your home or business can cause a tremendous amount of water damage and chewing on electrical wires can eventually lead a potential fire. Squirrels are to blame for about 30,000 house fires, each year! Lastly, it is imperative to realize the health risks that can be caused by Flying Squirrels. Some individuals have been reported to have contracted Typhus, which is an an infectious disease characterized by a purple rash, headaches, fever, and delirium, which can be spread by the lice that these squirrels carry.

In conclusion, it is essential to have Flying Squirrels removed as soon as possible in order to avoid any further property damage or potential health risks to your family. After Varmint Gone has removed all Flying Squirrels from your home or business, we seal all holes and vulnerable areas using galvanized steel or mesh to make an impervious barrier so that the squirrels can not re-enter. If the Flying Squirrels caused any damage to electrical wires, we have a licensed electrician repair the damaged wires back to code.

Varmint Gone provides an unprecedented five-year warranty on all repairs and construction exclusion work against squirrels after the project is complete and your home or business is secure. Schedule an inspection with the specialists at Varmint Gone to help you solve your Flying Squirrel problem, today!