Quality squirrel removal companies can be hard to come by. Squirrel removal is tedious and time-consuming so finding a company who can not only remove the squirrels humanely, but can permanently keep the squirrels out, is of the up-most importance. Each company uses different methods and techniques, so here we discuss the pros and cons of various removal methods and sealing techniques and why Varmint Gone is the company to choose!

Remove Squirrels by Live Trapping or One-Way Door System?

Live Trapping

If squirrels have found a way into a home, one method to remove squirrels is live-trapping. These traps are set up near any access point that is suspected to be the entrance for squirrels. Unfortunately, the use of these traps can be costly and time-consuming. Live-traps have to be checked daily. Also, it is nearly impossible to catch every squirrel using this method. If you were to hire a professional to trap them, it can cost between $75-$100 per squirrel (some colonies can have over 30 squirrels in them…do THAT math!). The last key factor is that live-trapping does NOT solve the problem. It is only a temporary solution until more squirrels take a liking to your home and find a way to enter.

One-Way Door System

The One-Way Door System, on the other hand, is a much better choice for a number of reasons. One being that it is humane, meaning the squirrels will not be harmed. This method also ensures that all of the squirrels will be gone over the course of a few days because they will have to leave to get food and water. However, once they return, the squirrels will not be able to re-enter the home due to the one way door system design. Lastly, this method is comparatively cheaper, with prices varying between $125-$325 (depending on the number of units needed for your home) for installation and removal and is not based on EACH removed squirrel, such as live traps.

Sealing Isolated Hole or Complete House?

Sealing Isolated Hole

Sealing one hole that is suspected to be the access point for squirrels is not ever a good idea. Mainly because it does NOT solve the issue; the squirrels will simply find another way into the home or building. Squirrel removal companies who only seal isolated holes are counting on you to call them back to seal up each new hole that the squirrels create or find, meaning you spend MORE money out of pocket. Some companies can charge between $500-$800 to seal up an entry hole, making it a very pricey project. To ensure that this does not happen, hire a company who will correctly and effectively seal EVERY access point.

Sealing Complete House

Sealing the complete house is what needs to be done when there is a squirrel infestation. By correctly sealing up a home and all potential access points, this makes the likely-hood of the squirrels finding a way back in, far less and also means less money is spent in the long run. Squirrels can enter a hole as small as one inch! In saying so, hiring a company who does a meticulous and correct sealing job is imperative so homeowners can rest assured that their squirrel problem is resolved – That is where Varmint Gone comes into play!

Why Choose Varmint Gone

After over 20 years of working with all types of squirrels and squirrel damage, Varmint Gone is the premier expert in this field! Our trusted and friendly team of experts want to ensure that we solve the issue permanently so that homeowners can feel safe in their home and know that their family is safe, once again! After we remove squirrels from the home, access holes are sealed, any electrical damage is fixed and everything is cleaned and disinfected, we offer our customers a 5-year warranty in the rare case that squirrels do find a way back into the home, over time. We want our customers to know that they can rely on us at anytime! Learn more about our squirrel removal process and schedule an inspection with the specialists at Varmint Gone to help you assess your squirrel situation!